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Here at Alliance Jiu Jitsu Coconut Grove, we’re proud to offer kids from Naples and surrounding areas the opportunity to get high-quality Jiu Jitsu training from elite instructors!

Sometimes parents think that the martial arts are all about fighting, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our Kids Jiu Jitsu program is focused on helping cultivate strong values in our students, giving them the tools they need to enjoy lifelong success. From building confidence and learning focus to establishing lifelong habits of physical fitness, our Kids Jiu Jitsu program is all about helping kids become the best they can be!

Alliance Key Biscayne & Coconut Grove Alliance BJJ Miami Kids Jiu Jitsu

What Do Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes Offer?

We’re proud to provide several different programs depending on the age and skill level of your child:

Elementary Jiu Jitsu (4-9 years): This class is specifically designed for the youngest of practitioners. Children are very open to positive reinforcement and at such young age, Jiu-Jitsu can serve greatly to instill a strong set of values. Within this class, children will learn from very early on the two most important values that come with the practice of martial arts: Discipline and Respect. They will also be able to make new friends and spend a little of that extra energy they all have in a fun, controlled and safe environment.

Alliance Key Biscayne & Coconut Grove Alliance BJJ Miami Kids Jiu Jitsu

Little Eagles Jiu Jitsu (8-13 years): “I intend to be gentle, respectful and a good listener. I will always give my best to develop my self-discipline and to have the courage to do what is right and truthful.” Our Jiu-Jitsu Elementary class provides a safe, clean, martial arts environment that promotes self-confidence and builds discipline. At these ages, children crave structure, yet they want to also enjoy and have fun. This makes Jiu-Jitsu the perfect vehicle for children to learn many important life skills, without too much pressure. If your child is having trouble focusing at home or in school, they are being picked on, or maybe they have more energy than you know how to handle, we are here to help!

Eagles Jiu Jitsu (13-17 years): Our Eagles class is designed for those teenagers entering their formative years. In this class, the instructors places greater emphasis on the importance of discipline and structure, encouraging the students through positive reinforcement to extended what they learn in class to other areas of their life. Students will also learn many more advanced techniques in this class to prepare them for competition or even to join classes within our adult program whenever they reach the proper age.

Alliance Key Biscayne & Coconut Grove Alliance BJJ Miami Kids Jiu Jitsu

Our Kids Jiu Jitsu classes offer your child the opportunity to meet new friends, connect with mentors who will guide them to excellence, and learn transferable skills that will help them in all aspects of life. What we teach at Alliance Jiu Jitsu Coconut Grove isn’t all about self-defense — it’s about instilling strong values and promoting positive personal growth!

As your child makes the journey from white belt to black belt, they learn about goal-setting and discipline. As they practice new Jiu Jitsu techniques with their friends, they gain teamwork and leadership skills. Each class helps them gain focus and listening skills. And as a bonus, they’ll also learn anti-bullying strategies and the fundamentals of self-defense!
Join us in Coconut Grove for Kids Jiu Jitsu classes and see your child:

  • Gain unwavering self-confidence & improved self-esteem.
  • Learn better focus, resulting in better performance at school.
  • Practice important teamwork & leadership skills in a safe environment.
  • Bond with positive mentors who will challenge & encourage them.

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